Connie Pheiff is a stiletto loathing, recovering executive and innovator who is ridiculously dedicated to helping executives transition from Corporate to activate their power, be unstoppable, and live their dream as a lifestyle entrepreneur.

In 2006, her life changed when as CEO her position was eliminated due to a corporate realignment; at the same time learning she was the family secret – adoption. This left her fearing rejection and overwhelming disappointment. But it didn’t break her spirit. Pheiff is an example of what is possible when you shift your mindset and believe in yourself.

Pheiff is the real deal, a former executive turned lifestyle entrepreneur and philanthropist. After leaving corporate, Pheiff spent two-years as a seminar junkie learning all she can about building a lifestyle business and becoming a global business leader. She has many letters after her name and cumulating of years of experience from the school of hard knocks, Pheiff is an expert in business, marketing, public relations and making things happen.

Enjoy the Connie Pheiff Show, as the producer and host, Pheiff is a master story-teller with high-energy. The show is one of today’s leading edge podcast for Entrepreneurial leadersPheiff is also an award winning speaker, author, coach, and five-time author.

Our Approach

Since  founding the Pheiff Group, Inc. in 2007, Pheiff went on to create her signature programs:*

  • Activate Community where she provides programs with tools and tips for entrepreneurs to excel in business and live their dream as a lifestyle entrepreneur.
  • Connie Pheiff Speaks where she delivers a powerful message of living your dream to corporations, universities and associations.
  • PG Speakers Bureau, a digital marketing agency, is where Pheiff and her powerful team provide tools for today’s leading speakers, authors, consultants, and coaches get booked and busy. The bureau represents movers and shakers who desire to activate their power and keep ideas moving forward.

*Learn more about each of the Pheiff Group, Inc. brands by following the resource links on the homepage of the website.

Pheiff always shares a bit of herself; a life of spectacularly epic fails. Through it all, her success hasn’t come in spite of her failures, but because of them.


Interested in speaking with Pheiff directly, no worries, she is always open to meeting new people. Simply schedule time on her calendar, here is the link:

Our Story


No worries, she is always open to meeting new people. Simply schedule time on her calendar...